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All things pertaining to the Showtimes series and the Jeff Lindsay novels.

When there's a witness to Dexter Morgan in action, he inspires a copycat killer who threatens his existence in the sixth novel written by Jeff Lindsay, Double Dexter, now in print from Doubleday. The publisher has released this trailer.
EdGross - 10/21/2011

Double Dexter, the sixth novel featuring serial killer Dexter Morgan (who has inspired the Showtime series focusing on the character) will be published on October 18th, but author Jeff Lindsay is concerned that people may be idolizing his creation.
EdGross - 10/17/2011

Showtime's Dexter has already been the subject of an online animated web series and new game, and now comes word that Jeff Lindsay's creation is making the leap to Marvel Comics.
EdGross - 10/16/2011

Ecko|Code and Showtime Networks today announced that the Dexter Slice of Life game is now available to play on Facebook. Based on the hit Showtime series Dexter®, Dexter Slice of Life combines progressive "real-time stealth" gameplay with the dark humor and suspense of the TV show.
EdGross - 10/3/2011

Dexter made its sixth season premiere last night, and anyone who may have been put off by a somewhat contrived fifth season was surely in for some good news; good news which has also translated into ratings growth.
EdGross - 10/3/2011

Deadline caught up with Dexter's new executive producer and showrunner Scott Buck and talked to him about a number of subjects. Among them is a bit of a preview of what fans can expect when the show returns and the decision to jump forward a year.
EdGross - 8/19/2011

This montage of clips gives a sense of what fans of Dexter can expect from the show when it returns for its sixth season on October 2nd.
EdGross - 8/9/2011

This video from Showtimes goes behind the scenes of the forthcoming sixth season of Dexter, featuring clips and actor interviews.
EdGross - 8/9/2011

Digital Spy caught up with actor Michael C. Hall, who discussed the new season of Dexter, noting that the show would be lighter -- relatively speaking, of course.
EdGross - 7/15/2011

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) spent Season Five atoning for the death of his wife, Rita. He committed to being a part of her children's lives and entered into a deep, passionate relationship with Lumen, unlike anything he'd ever had before. But Dexter's need to kill overpowers his desire for human connection.
EdGross - 6/30/2011

We're still a few months away from Dexter's season six premiere, so the time seems appropriate to take a look back at the show's motion comic spin-off, Dexter: Early Cuts. This installment looks at the six-part web series "Dark Echo."
EdGross - 6/27/2011

Miami Metro's blood lab is about to get some new help in the form of Jason Cooke's intern, Louis Greene, who wil lbe working closely with CS Lee's Vince Masuka.
EdGross - 6/25/2011

In an exclusive interview, Entertainment Weekly caught up with Dexter's new executive producer, Scott Buck, who provides some hints regarding the direction of season six of the series.
EdGross - 6/23/2011

As we inch closer to the September premiere of Dexter's sixth season, more and more rumblings are being heard about what we can expect. Michael Ausiello's TV Line has a tiny bit of spoilerage for Dex among a number of other shows.
EdGross - 6/15/2011

The Wrap caught up with actress Jennifer Carpenter to talk about her role as Deb, Dexter Morgan's sister, on Showtime's Dexter, offering up some hints on what may be coming in the show's sixth season - which debuts this September.
EdGross - 6/13/2011

Having played the world boxing champion in the (sadly) only season of FX's Lights Out, Bill Brown has moved over to the world of law enforcement with his new role in season six of Dexter.
EdGross - 6/10/2011

While details are slowly being released about season six of Dexter, fans caught a sequence of the series being filmed in Long Beach, California, featuring series stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter.
EdGross - 5/28/2011

Details are scant, but Variety is reporting that Brea Grant, most recently seen in her super-speeding role on Heroes, has come aboard Dexter season six, where she'll join such guest stars as Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks.
EdGross - 5/28/2011

Edward James Olmos, late of Syfy's Battlestar Galactica, is reportedly joining Dexter in season six in a "major" recurring role.
EdGross - 5/24/2011

According to The Hollywood Reporter, hip-hop artist turned actor Mos Def will be appearing in a recurring role during the sixth season of Dexter.
EdGross - 5/11/2011