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Dexter Season 6 - Things Jump Ahead 1 Year

Deadline caught up with Dexter's new executive producer and showrunner Scott Buck and talked to him about a number of subjects. Among them is a bit of a preview of what fans can expect when the show returns and the decision to jump forward a year.
What follows is an excerpt. Please follow the link for the full conversation.

DEADLINE: What can we expect for Season Six?

BUCK: We skipped ahead a year this season and cleaned the slate, and Dexter is finally done grieving the loss of his wife from the end of Season 4. He’s largely dealt with that now in Season 6. He’s put it in the past, and we’ll now be seeing a stronger Dexter than ever before. And hopefully, we won’t be killing off any major character this season. But top to bottom, from our cast to our crew, we all feel especially excited and energized and motivated this year.

DEADLINE: You must get asked all the time when Dexter is finally going to wrap as a series.

BUCK: To be perfectly honest, it hasn’t come up yet for discussion. I mean, we’re all confident that it will come up. But we’re not working toward the end just yet. How you’ll wrap is the kind of thing you want to know at least a season in advance, and we haven’t discussed it yet at all, so that should tell you something. Everyone will want to check in and they’ll all do it with a slightly different idea of what should be done. And we’ll definitely hear everyone’s thoughts.
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