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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Nicholas Sparks on "The Last
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Nicholas Sparks on "The Last
TOP STORY: Miley Cyrus is beginning the next phase of her career with The Last Song, and in an exclusive interview with author/screenwriter Nicholas Sparks he goes behind the scenes on the "process." Read More!

The Ian Fleming Estate has announced that the late author's novel, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (already the subject of a 1968 film and stage musical) will be continued in a new series of stories written by Frank Cottrell Boyce.
EdGross - 3/23/2011

Eagerly awaited by millions around the world, the triumphant conclusion to Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance cycle will arrive this fall, it was announced today by Nancy Hinkel, Vice President, Publishing Director of Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers.
EdGross - 3/23/2011

Former Buffy the Vampire Slayer executive producer, and writer of the remake of Fright Night, Marti Noxon provides some details on adapting the novel I Am Number Four, about young aliens among us.
EdGross - 1/19/2011

Tim Kring, the creator of the late Heroes, has been given the greenlight by Fox for the pilot based on his newest script, Touch.
EdGross - 1/18/2011 has a story on a newly released 1970 interview with Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling conducted by University of Kansas professor James Gunn as part of a film that was never completed. As such it represents a fascinating discussion with one of the medium's greatest innovators.
EdGross - 8/31/2010

It's worked for James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, so why not reboot the Tarzan character and reintroduce him to readers as a teen hero? That's the idea behind a new series of young adult novels being written by Andy Briggs.
EdGross - 7/2/2010

Vampires may rule the genre roost at the moment, with zombies a close second, but werewolves are definitely moving up the ranks, which is why debuting author Andrea Cremer's Nightshade, coming this October, should be a hit with readers.
EdGross - 7/2/2010

One of the more familiar names at Earths Mightiest is that of Angelo, and we're happy to announce that he has won our first content contest.
EdGross - 4/13/2010

In this two-segment audio interview, Nicholas Sparks details how "The Last Song came together, working with Miley Cyrus and he offers his assessment of the type of writing that he does.
EdGross - 3/28/2010

Acclaimed writer Peter David looks back at his run on the Young Justice comic book in a three-part interview. In the first installment he shares on the basic concept of Young Justice and the book's mission statement.
EdGross - 3/23/2010

In the second our our three part interview with Peter David, he shares his thoughts on the evolution of the Young Justice comic book series and the characters, in particular Arrowette.
EdGross - 3/23/2010

In the final part of this exclusive interview, Peter David discusses the relationships between the members of Young Justice and the end of the series.
EdGross - 3/23/2010

A terrifying evil stands ready to consumer reality as we know it and the truth is unearthed in Stephen King’s “N.” #1 (of 4), on-sale now!
EdGross - 3/3/2010