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A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost share an, it's NOT a joke! Behind the scenes on this innovative British horror drama.

The new issue of Britain's SFX magazine has an interview with actor Damian Malony, who is taking on the fangs of the departed (to film The Hobbit) Aidan Turner in the UK version of Being Human.
EdGross - 10/16/2011

Check out the BBC's new web spin-off of Being Human, this one called Becoming Human and focusing on younger characters.
EdGross - 1/31/2011

Although the third season of the original Being Human only began airing in England last Sunday, BBC America has announced that the show will begin airing in the U.S. on February 19th.
EdGross - 1/25/2011

The third season of the original Being Human premieres in England Sunday night, and the BBC has released two clips from the premiere.
EdGross - 1/21/2011

Comic-Con, the gift that keeps on giving, was a good place to catch up with the three stars from Being Human.
EdGross - 9/6/2010

In this video, cast and crew members of Being Human season 3 share well wishes given to them by the show's fans.
EdGross - 8/4/2010

The BBC caught up with Being Human star Aidan Turner (the vampire Mitchell) on the third year of the series.
EdGross - 8/4/2010

Get a BBC-provided inside look at the making of the third season of the supernatural series Being Human.
EdGross - 8/4/2010

In an interview with, Syfy president David Howe discussed the American version of the hit BBC series, Being Human (which, of course, is about a vampire, werewolf and ghost that share a London flat and are desperately trying to retain their humanity despite what they are).
EdGross - 4/1/2010

According to Broadcast magazine, Being Human creator Toby Whithouse and producer Matthew Bouch have started their own production company, with six series in development — including a superhero show.
EdGross - 3/4/2010

With Being Human concluding its second season, here's a behind the scenes look at different aspects of the show that focuses on the vampire, werewolf and ghost that share a London flat.
EdGross - 2/28/2010

What follows is the Comic-Con panel devoted to "Being Human," featuring creator Toby Whithouse and his cast.
EdGross - 7/30/2009

At the center of Being Human's supernatural trio is Annie, and in this interview actress Lenora Crichlow reflects on her co-stars and the series itself.
EdGross - 6/4/2009

The vampire of the Being Human triumvirate is portrayed by actor Aidan Turner, who shares his views on the character and the show.
EdGross - 6/4/2009

Last year BBC3 debuted the horror series Being Human. Finally, law-abiding Americans who don't use the Internet for nefarious purposes (such as downloading foreign series ahead of time) can catch the show when it comes to BBC America this summer.
EdGross - 6/4/2009