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Exploring the land of L. Frank Baum's Oz.

Michelle Williams has just signed on to be a part of the star-studded Disney prequel to the Wizard of Oz.
EdGross - 5/20/2011

Rachel Weisz is expected to join Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful as one of the wicked witches of L. Frank Baum's mythical land.
EdGross - 5/4/2011 is reporting that an adaptation of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz will be produced in stereoscopic CG under the tentatively titled OZ 3D.
EdGross - 4/9/2011

Check out this piece of fan art that brings together The Wizard of Oz and the world of Tron as Dorothy hits The Grid.
EdGross - 3/12/2011

Heidi Jo Gilbert is pleading her case with writer Stephen Schwartz regarding the idea of having Wicked adapted into an animated musical as opposed to a live action version for the big screen. To prove her point, she's come up with a story reel put to the song "Defying Gravity."
EdGross - 3/4/2011

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, this relatively low budget modern day take on an Oz-related adventure actually looks like a lot of fun as the adult Dorothy's hidden memories of Oz hold the key to the world's survival.
EdGross - 3/2/2011

In this video interview, actress Lea Michele (Rachel on Glee) discusses and previews the 2012 animated musical, Dorothy of Oz.
EdGross - 3/2/2011

This video by De La Soul for the song "Oooh" is a very cool tribute to The Wizard of Oz.
EdGross - 8/23/2010

According to Mike Fleming over at, Universal Pictures is looking to transfer Broadway's Wicked to the big screen -- making it one of many Oz-related projects in development. JJ Abrams is among the dirctors being talked to.
EdGross - 7/9/2010

With L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz novels being in public domain, anyone can put their own unique take on them, and that's certainly what playwright Stephanie Reif has down with "Left of Oz," which has made every character a lesbian.
EdGross - 7/1/2010 has come up with a perfect comparative study: actor Malcolm McDowell pretty much does looks like Frank Morgan, who played the Wizard (among other roles) in the 1939 production of The Wizard of Oz.
EdGross - 6/30/2010

Director Leigh Scott, an alumni of Asylum Pictures, has gone the independent route with The Witches of Oz, and this is a look at the film via a behind the scenes trailer and an interview with Scott conducted by
EdGross - 6/29/2010

While receiving an award in Chicago, actor Robert Downey, Jr. was asked whether or not the rumors of him being a part of Oz: The Great and Powerful were true.
EdGross - 6/21/2010

Now it seems that everyone has decided to follow the Yellow Brick Road, with Cinematical reporting on yet another adaptation of L. Frank Baum's world, simply called Oz.
EdGross - 6/17/2010

According to, Disney has signed Sam Raimi to direct Robert Downey Jr. in the prequel to The Wizard of Oz, Oz: The Great and Powerful.
EdGross - 6/15/2010

It seems that every week brings forth new information about different film projects based on or inspired by L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz novels. has some additional details on some of them.
EdGross - 6/14/2010

With Spider-Man behind him, Vulture is reporting that Sam Raimi could very well be heading to the land of Oz to replace the departing Sam Mendes on a prequel to the classic tale.
EdGross - 6/12/2010

Variety reports that Glee's Lea Michele will be providing the voice for Dorothy Gale in "Dorothy of Oz," a 3D animated musical based on the novel of the same name by Roger S. Baum, great-grandson of Oz creator L. Frank Baum.
EdGross - 6/12/2010

According to, Drew Barrymore will likely be directing Surrender Dorothy, one of many Oz-related projects currently in development.
EdGross - 5/19/2010

The dual success of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, both of which ignored previous film versions and stayed much closer to the original novels they were based on, has given producer Wyck Godfrey confidence in adapting The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
EdGross - 5/18/2010