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Jennifer Carpenter Talks Deb and Dexter

The Wrap caught up with actress Jennifer Carpenter to talk about her role as Deb, Dexter Morgan's sister, on Showtime's Dexter, offering up some hints on what may be coming in the show's sixth season - which debuts this September.
What follows is an excerpt from the interview:

Do you feel like your character is the moral center of the show?

That's a heavy burden I guess… but I certainly feel like she's the heart of it, and adds a lot of balance and adds a lot of insight into just how dysfunctional Dexter is, considering that they came from the same family. She certainly holds tight to her morals. She's a cop and feels like she has a great understanding of what's right and wrong, and by honoring that she's honoring the legacy of her father, which seems to matter most to her.

Last season Deb caught Dexter and Julia Stiles' character, Lumen, without seeing who they were, and decided to let them go. Since she released those vigilantes, is it possible she would be okay with Dexter killing people, too?

I had a really hard time justifying that moment. And I still have a hard time justifying that moment. Would I be okay with it if I found out Dexter was a serial killer? I don’t know. I'm glad it's not up to me. I feel that that decision is in the writers' capable hands and they will justify it, and it will be the hardest thing I've ever played but I look forward to doing it. Is there room for it? Certainly. My instinct today is she would put her handcuffs on him. But it changes from day to day.

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