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The web series about a team of vampires carrying out covert missions for the U.S. government.
Dark Commandos: The Web Series
Dark Commandos: The Web Series
TOP STORY: The Dark Commandos is a team of vampires -- led by the 500 year old Non Gage -- who are allowed to exist for exactly one purpose: to carry out the will of the American government by any means necessary. They exist to handle the jobs that no one else can -- or can be allowed to -- handle. It's not because they're so noble, but because before being turned, they were human, and part of that humanity still lurks within them, hungering for the lives they've left behind. Look for Dark Commandos webisodes, character profiles, comics, behind the scenes features and more! Read More!

The saga of Dark Commandos -- the original live action webseries about vampire mercs carrying out missions for the government - has been posted, as well as a behind the scenes look back at webisode one.
EdGross - 4/13/2010

Dark Commandos is the live action web series about a team of vampires carrying out missions for the government. Their leader is Non Gage and in words and comics, here's a bit more about him.
EdGross - 4/11/2010

The adventures of the Undead Brigade kick off with the Dark Commandos in pursuit of the kidnappers of the Vice President's daughter.
EdGross - 4/7/2010

What if Michael Bay directed a vampire film? If the director did choose to turn his focus to the undead, the resulting film would undoubtedly be along the lines of something like “Vampire Marines” – a team of young, good-looking, kick-ass vampires working on assignment for the U.S. government.
EdGross - 4/7/2010