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How do I create a fansite?

For easy walk-through instructions on how to create a fansite, see our step by step guide HERE. It will also guide new users through many other features of your fansite.

How do I post an article?

For easy walk-through instructions on all aspects of your fansite, see our step by step guide HERE.

What are Article Types?

When posting an article you must designate the article type: News, Scoops, Features, Editorials, Previews or Reviews. Here are the definitions for each article type:

News: (default article type) Common articles. Found or “aggregated” news items from Internet searches.
Scoops: Spoilers and rumors.
Features: Exclusive news such as primers, retrospectives, etc.
Editorials: An "opinion" piece from the author's viewpoint.
Previews: An early critique of a yet-to-be-released item.
Reviews: A critique of a movie, DVD, television show, product, etc.

How do I get my article on the CBM homepage?

User content will appear under the tab for the ARTICLE TYPE designated. To get your content seen FIRST on the main, or "What's New?" tab, it has to be GOOD. Every day CBM editors check out user contributed content and pick the best to showcase. To ensure that your content gets chosen for the main, be sure it has these elements:

  • Is unique and interesting, or breaking news.
  • Doesn't have spelling, grammar or punctuation errors.
  • Doesn't need a lot of editing.
If you need more information on what contributions CBM is interested in showcasing, see our style guide HERE.

I can't find my fansite. Where is it?

Fansites can be found in our fansites listing HERE. If it is not listed, it may have been deleted. See below for reasons for site deletion.

Why did my fansite get deleted?

The system will automatically delete fansites that sit inactive for a long time without any content being posted. Also, CBM editors may delete a fansite for these reasons:

  1. The fansite does not conform to our terms and conditions as outlined in the Member's Code of Conduct.
  2. The user's contributions consistently neglected to follow the CBM style guide.
  3. It is obvious that the fansite creator doesn't understand the fansite concept, and is unaware of the fansite.

How do I make money with my fansite?

CBM offers fansite owners the option to insert their own ad-code from Google Adsense and/or other ad-serving affliate programs. The ad-space on your fansite is available to you but will show EarthsMightiest.com ads unless you input your own ad-code in AD MANAGEMENT in your account area. In order to get ad-code, you must sign-up and be accepted into an ad-program. We recommend Google Adsense as a good program that will work for this purpose.

How do I upload my ad-code?

For easy walk-through instructions on all aspects of your fansite, see our step by step guide HERE.