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EXCLUSIVE: Tonight on Warehouse 13: "Mild-Mannered"

Earth’s Mightiest presents an exclusive preview of tonight’s episode of Syfy’s Warehouse 13 with executive producer Jack Kenny.
“It’s called ‘Mild Mannered’ and it’s visually a lot of fun,” he explains about a costume that has the power of endowing its wearer with super human abilities, though with detrimental effect. “We also find out that Pete has a long and exciting past with comic books. He’s a comic book freak, he loves comic books, so we get to play some of that.”

In discussing this season in general, Kenny adds, “Last year it was basically the idea, ‘Do I want to be here?,’ because Pete and Myka are new to it, Claudia is new to it, Artie is there for the first time. So it was all, ‘Is this right? Is it going to work? Do I want to be here?’ And this year it’s more like, ‘This is my family!’ And the theme of the year is, ‘These are the people in my life. These are the people I care about,’ and we want to grow them as a family. We’re doing a standalone Christmas episode that’s all about family and who’s your real family and is there more than one kind of family?

“The other thing I want to explore this year, conversely, are outside relationships. I want to see these character be real people. I want to see these characters date, and have sex, and make mistakes in their personal life. That's been our marching orders for this year – expand the emotional lives of these characters, and really create that family dynamic, because when they date other people, they're all going to have opinions about the other co-workers’ relationships. And every one of those relationships get embroiled in a Warehouse 13 SciFi moment, which is kind of fun.”
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