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I Kissed A Vampire Webseries Becoming a Feature Film

I Kissed a Vampire is probably comparable to High School Musical with fangs, and the enormously popular webseries is in the midst of becoming a feature film.
More details on the film version are to come, but the plot is described as follows:

After discovering he’s transforming into a vampire a teenager tries desperately to save himself and the girl he loves from his powerful vamp mentor in this rock musical.

Haunted by bizarre dreams about goth rocker Trey Sylvania (DREW SEELEY, High School Musical, Another Cinderella Story), with a growing lust for blood, Dylan (LUCAS GRABEEL, High School Musical, Milk) is not your average teenager—he’s transforming into a vampire! It all started when he was bitten by a voracious fanged exchange student, and it’s a process he is desperate to stop—but how? His demented dentist can’t do anything about Dylan’s aching teeth and emerging fangs, and the anti-bloodsucking pills he gets from his para-psychologist just give him a rash. Dylan is terrified and he doesn’t know what to do—especially about his beautiful girlfriend Sara (newcomer ADRIAN SLADE).

Every time Dylan gets close to Sara his fangs pop out and he gets an overwhelming urge to bite her. He isn’t sure how much longer he can stop himself, so he’s been avoiding her and she has no idea why. Confused and hurt, Sara sings about her frustration. Dylan knows he’s got to explain himself, and vocalizes his torment. That night he gets a visit from sexy Trey, a vampire who revels in being one of the living dead. Trey’s seductive song and lusty vampirette groupies urge Dylan to “go for the throat”.

Dylan panics when Sara shows up, and he can’t stop her from accepting Trey’s invitation to a hot vampire club, so he goes along. Trey entrances Sara to make her compliant but since Dylan still won’t risk kissing her, Trey starts seducing her—Dylan attacks Trey and stops him, but not before Sara’s neck is nicked.

Soon Sara is dressing goth and eating raw meat, and Dylan tells her she’s becoming a vampire, just like he is. Horrified, she declares they have to find a cure. Dylan warns her not to think about Trey, who can sense their thoughts, but he can’t follow his own advice; his melancholy draws the vampire, who reveals how he was turned by Nikki, the punk rock love of his life, who bit him and left him. Dylan warns Trey to stay away from Sara, but he haunts her dreams. Dylan is furious, and feels hopeless, but Sara convinces him that they have to keep trying.

Venomologist Dr. Dan Helsing—poison is his passion—is convinced he can cure Dylan and Sara, they just need blood from the vampires who bit them. Dylan’s is weak so he may never fully turn, but Sara doesn’t have very long. Her psychic connection to Trey summons him; he takes the two back to his lair, filled with a vampire band, artists and the lusty vampirettes. Trey gives Sara a necklace, infuriating his main vamp squeeze Luna (AMY PAFFRATH, E!, Evil Bong); as he reassures her they sing about what their lives might be if they were normal.
Sara insists on being the bait to lull Trey so they can get his blood, but Luna and the vampirettes drag her away for a sexy vampire makeover. Trey leaves Dylan with vamp vixen Desiree. Suddenly Dr. Dan shows up—Sara’s only got an hour left before the change is complete, so he’s got the cure premixed, ready for Trey’s blood! Will they get the blood and reach Sara in time to save her? Or will they live happily ever…afterlife?
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