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Harry Potter & The Copyright Lawsuit

Here we go again: J.K. Rowling is accused of ripping off another fantasy book and an injunction has been filed in the courts. One could ask why they waited seven books and films to file this lawsuit.....
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There have been reports of similarities between the two books for years. I read about the fact that the estate of this writer was trying to get something done about this obvious case of plagiarism two years ago. And the articles that I found were at least a year old. And back then I realized that they had a pretty damned legitimate claim.

All they have to do is get that one agent. The agent that turned him down, and then helped J. K. Rowling package and cultivate her Harry Potter concept.

Have you ever heard of a literary agent making suggestions to an author of what they think a good book concept would be? Of course you have, pretty standard in that particular business.

All they have to prove is that when that agent was brainstorming for ideas, a couple of their "original" ideas weren't so original, but in fact came from the original proposal of the original author.

Even if the literary agent forgot. It's still technically copyright infringement. Because they obviously had access to the information from the previous author's proposal, and they should have known better.

The reason why it has taken so long for this case to actually get to the courts is that in case you didn't know, the Harry Potter franchise has made BILLIONS. And companies that have made BILLIONS off of a particular concept have tons of money to keep such cases delayed, out of courts, and off the map as far as newsworthy events.

The funny thing is you would not believe all the comment makers back than that thought that this case was just another frivolous lawsuit...

...But than again, isn't that exactly what you are implying by asking why they waited so long to file their lawsuit. ;)
JohnZee - 7/20/2010, 5:24 PM

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