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John Lithgow: Tweets of the Apes

Actor John Lithgow has tweeted a number of items regarding Rise of the Apes, the most recent of which states that Brian Cox (X2) has joined the cast.
What follows are Lithgow's tweets on the subject so far:

A tease. Just signed on for a film that shoots this summer in Vancouver. A hint: think simian. 7:28 PM Jun 22nd via web

H'wood Reporter blew the guessing game: RISE OF THE APES, an extremely smart prequel to PLANET etc.. James Franco's dad, how cool is that? 10:57 PM Jun 23rd via web

Heading to Vancouver tomorrow for pre-production -- these things happen so fast. And over by the end of July! 10:56 PM Jun 26th via web

After a day of pre-production in Vancouver my head swims. Everything suggests "Apes" will be completely amazing, and Franco's a peach. 4:17 PM Jun 29th via web

Lots of welcome to Vancouver tweets. I return tmw, shoot Monday and stay til the end of July. Love that city, been there and done it. 10:33 PM Jul 3rd via web

Day 2 on APES, I adore this director Rupert Wyatt. So happy with the work in Vancouver (although I called Freida Pinto "Leila" -- dumb!!) 8:15 PM Jul 6th via web

2 days acting with #dhewlett in Vancouver and we're both hoarse (but we're not apes).

On APES until 1AM. A terrific scene with James F. But 1 AM? Walter Matthau said "They pay me to wait around. I act for free." 4:29 PM Jul 10th via web

Another father-son scene today. A beautiful re-write arrived yesterday like a Christmas present. BTW, JF and I are distinctly not apes. 7:19 PM Jul 10th via web

Great news, that Brian Cox will be in the film, he of the big, meaty face. Usually there's only room in a movie for one of us. about 2 hours ago via web
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