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Nick Taraby On Playing The Most Hated Character In The Spartacus Series

In this interview with Monsters and Critics, Nick Taraby dishes about playing the most hated gladiator 'Ashur'.
Fans of Starz Spartacus: Blood & Sand and Gods of The Arena can always agree on one fact; Ashur is a loathsome character. Unfortunately he is also that annoying character who never seems to die. At the end of the first season of Blood and Sand, Ashur narrowly escaped death at the hands of Doctore by hiding under a pile of dead bodies. In Gods of the Arena, he has so far proven himself to be the kind of friend you do not want on your side. Just ask Dagan who unfortunately has been on the receiving end of Ashur's lack of conscience and constant need to look out only for himself. In this interview with Monsters and Critics, Nick Taraby who portrays the character brilliantly, talks about playing such a reviled person and what to expect in the series.

On landing the role of Ashur
Nick E. Tarabay: There was a couple of things to be honest with you, but first of all, I had worked with Starz on another TV show, Crash, and that was one of their first drama series. I worked with them and it was an awesome experience all round.
Starz have been very good with me, and the people that I worked with were great, and it was a great role, and it got some recognition from them and other people as well, for which I was very appreciative.
Then... there was something coming up, which was Spartacus, and unfortunately with season two of Crash they wanted to go in a different direction to how the whole thing was.

On the character's evolution
M&C: In the prequel 'Gods Of The Arena,' we’ve gotten a little insight into Ashur’s journey from Gladiator to the scheming right hand of Batiatus, and I’m wondering what your thoughts are on Ashur’s evolution from Gods Of The Arena through to Blood and Sand.

Nick E. Tarabay: You know, I think Lucy Lawless (Lucretia) says that, ‘It’s not often actors get the opportunity to go back and show the audience the homework.’
As an actor. before you approach a role. You have to do your homework and a backstory. I personally do that. I do a backstory to every character that I play. Where does he come from, where was he born, how did he come to where we see him on TV, the things that make him tick, the things that make him happy, what is his ultimate goal? So it was a privilege to have the opportunity to show the audience some of our homework.

To read the rest of the interview, click on the link below. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena season finale airs tonight at 10 PM on Starz.
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