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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Wrath of the Titans Director Joe Leibesman

In this exclusive interview, director Joe Leibesman, who has directed the alien invasion flick Battle: L.A. (reaching theatres in March) briefly shares his thoughts on the tentatively titled Wrath of the Titans with EM editor Ed Gross.
Over the past several years, Leibesman has been moving up the directorial ranks, having proven himself on such efforts as Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and The Killing Room, both of which led to him taking on Battle: L.A. and his next project, Wrath of the Titans, sequel to last year's critically drubbed but commercially successful Clash of the Titans. Not surprisingly, he has high hopes for the sequel.

"We're all very excited to start shooting on Clash II," he explains in this exclusive interview. "The cast is phenomenal and the entire creative team is working together to tell an epic story that follows the classic hero's journey. I think the cornerstones of modern storytelling stem from these myths, so we've got some brilliant source material to work with. That said, I want to ground the myth in reality, find the truth of these huge stories and make sure that every detail serves the driving narrative of the film. Clash II is going to be an action-packed, visceral epic told on a grand scale -- but it's all about grounding the truth, the character and the story and staying true to that in order to elevate it from the previous movie."

What are your thoughts about this film? What do you feel it needs to surpass Clash of the Titans?
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