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Batman XXX Director Axel Braun: Exclusive Audio Interview

Listen in on the conversation with Axel Braun, director of the parody Batman XXX, and it immediately becomes obvious that this man is a major comic book geek, and his passion for the subject is launching a whole line of these type of films.
In this exclusive interview, Axel discusses how the Batman film came about, his attention to detail, the changing nature of the adult film business and his hopes for further superhero adventures.

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You know @ ED i gotta get this!

Cheers buddy!

Still for the life of me have no idea how this lots not going to get sued by DC COMICS?????

The costumes are exactly the same?!?

Same goes for TORI BLACK in the up coming WONDER WOMAN parody? : /
777LEEE - 5/14/2010, 12:12 PM
SHHH - 5/14/2010, 2:59 PM
You litigation crazy folks simply do not understand business law. Trust me there is an army of lawyers that have given Vivid the go ahead. Could Disney decide to sue, of course but unless the make up of the Supreme Court changes or they otherwise go against precedence forget about it.

This dude is obviously a fan boy to some degree. He's certainly got a feel for somethings. However from a business stand point he's on to something. I don't download my favorite bands music. In the same way he's counting on comic book fans to lean in that direction and not download Batman XXX or the rest. To follow the upcoming line up is also a intelligent move. Just like the Pirates porn flicks.

If this director really wanted to break barriers then he would directly adapt a piece like Preacher, Transmetro, Q&C, or some other edgy comic that actually has sex scenes in it. I for one would be interested in seeing Tulip (McKenzie Miles), [yes Lee is not the only one who can cast porn stars] and Jesse (Misc dark haired guy with a Texas accent)frack the shizzle out of each other.

juggy4711 - 5/14/2010, 11:50 PM

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