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Eliza Dushku Previews White Collar Appearance - Plus New Sexy Gallery

When Eliza Dushku appears on USA's White Collar tonight, it will mark a reunion between her and series star Matt Bomer, who appeared on her short-lived and underrated Tru Calling on Fox. In an excerpt from this interview, she previews the episode.
TVLINE | How have you been describing your character?

ELIZA DUSHKU: Her name is Raquel LaRoque, which is a great name. Seriously, that sort of cinched it right there. She’s an Egyptologist that Neal needs to get acquainted with in order to lead him closer to Keller (played by Ross McCall). Obviously Neal has a lot of ladies in his life — in various episodes, you have a guest star come in and he uses his charm to get what he wants — but he doesn’t always have a meaningful, personal connection to those people. So basically, I wanted her to be somebody that was Neal’s equal – someone who is just as ambitious and devoted to her job, intelligent, quick, manipulative if she has to be, and uses her sexuality if she has to.

TVLINE | Would you say that Raquel is bit more from Neal’s world that Sara (Hilarie Burton) is? Is that why they click?

ELIZA DUSHKU: I don’t know if it’s that she’s more or less of something than Sara is — it was almost coincidental that in this episode they’ve maybe run their course — but it definitely was maybe time to add a little spice – not that Sara wasn’t spicy! But for Neal and the world he lives in, having a monogamous relationship doesn’t lend itself to the possibilities of a wild romp with a woman that sort of shares his makeup. I think also there was talk about fans feeling like in the second season maybe he had started to become a Fed through and through, and yet he has this naughty con man side — sometimes who you travel with can affect how you behave. So I think Raquel is brought in at a good time to promote some misbehaving!

TVLINE | Are Neal and Raquel sincerely interested in each other, or might one of them be playing the other?

ELIZA DUSHKU: That’s always the question. Neal may think he has it all figured out, but Raquel definitely has more to do – and people will definitely scream for that after Tuesday night!

TVLINE | So, they get physical? I mean, he looks like Matt Bomer, you look like you….

ELIZA DUSHKU: [Chuckles] We get physical, yeah…. Matt and I know each other of course from back in the day, so it as easier to step in and just cut to the chase and really make the characters connect and make some steam happen. With these Egyptian artifacts and antiquities, I was like, “Matt, we’re going to sexualize these scarabs.” After some of the takes, Matt would run over and go, “Oh my gosh, Eliza did you feel that? Something was happening there!”
I was like, “Well, I meant to get you a little excited.” [Laughs]

Follow the link for the full interview.

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