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In Drive Angry 3D Amber Heard Enjoys Kicking Some Ass

In Drive Angry 3D, Amber Heard plays a waitress who decides to help Nicolas Cage's character, an escapee from hell determined to track down the satanic cult that killed his daughter and kidnapped his grandaughter. As such, she kicks a lot of ass right alongside Cage.
"I feel comfortable in them," Amber admits to UK's Daily Record about action films. "I grew up in Texas, so gunfights, fist fights and muscle cars are all part of the territory. I grew up around cars. My dad is a petrolhead and I felt at home with my cowboy boots, southern accent and my gun in this movie."

"There's a lot of action in this movie - fist fights, stunt driving, a lot of tough, strong action. I loved it," she adds. "I found a niche for myself and [my character] Piper has set the bar high for my next character. The fist fights, car chasing and gun shoot-outs were so much fun. I would come home exhausted, bruised, cut, scraped with every muscle sore. But there was something quite nice about that."

"I really took on Piper. She's someone I related to, so it was easy to let her get under my skin. Piper is not scared of anything, so why should I be?"

For the full interview, just follow the link.
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Daily Record

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