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Hunger Games: Film Will Be Faithful to Novels and Pave Way For Prequels

With Hunger Games, based on the book series by Suzanne Collins, a source has told Hollywood Life that the film script will be faithful to the books and actually paves the way for sequels.
The source told the site, “I think ‘Hunger Games’ fans will be thrilled with the script of the new movie, it stays very true to the book. Suzanne was very involved in the process and made sure the movie didn’t stray from her original ideas. The movie goes into a little bit more of the background story of how the Hunger Games first came about. [Suzanne] isn’t giving away too much but is providing information to whet people’s appetites over when the districts were first formed, and the initial revolution."

The article quotes Collins herself from a USA Today interview in which she discussed the way the script was developed for the first film adaptation: “I wrote the treatment and original screenplay. Then screenwriter Billy Ray [State of Play] did a pass [or rewrite]. Then director Gary Ross [Seabiscuit] did a pass, then Gary and I did a pass together. I thought both guys were terrific.”
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