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We're still a few months away from Dexter's season six premiere, so the time seems appropriate to take a look back at the show's motion comic spin-off, Dexter: Early Cuts. This installment looks at the six-part web series "Dark Echo."
EdGross - 6/27/2011

USA Today is reporting that TellTale Games' recent delay of the Jurassic Park downloadable game was actually to prepare for the game to be issued for PS3 and Xbox.
EdGross - 4/29/2011

Disney has finally released a new trailer for Cars 2, and it is actually the first full-length theatrical trailer we’ve had! Check it out after the jump...
Josh Wilding - 3/7/2011

Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar have released a brand new TV spot for Cars 2, the sequel to the 2006 animation film, Cars...
Josh Wilding - 2/21/2011

Godzilla God Of Monsters!!!

IDW is bringing us Godzilla, and boy is he pissed!
DCF - 1/30/2011

The thriller The Roommate reaches theatres on February 4th, and we've got the trailer for the film as well as a gallery devoted to the lovely ladies that star in it.
EdGross - 1/29/2011

You may have thought Spider-Man getting a musical was bizarre, so how do you handle the concept of a Klingon opera?
EdGross - 9/10/2010

The first TV spot for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I which is directed by David Yates has today been released online...
Josh Wilding - 9/10/2010

Writer John Fay says that the upcoming fourth season will be the most ambitious yet and talks about how the show will appeal to old and new fans alike...
Josh Wilding - 9/10/2010

Take a look at the CW's Nikita via Hollywood 411, the latest incarnation of the iconic femme fatale. Star Maggie Q, a Jackie Chan protege, talks about the series and recalls how she knocked out an actor who got too close.
EdGross - 9/9/2010

Robert Englund has agreed to guest star on the upcoming fourth season of Chuck in a special Halloween episode...
Josh Wilding - 9/8/2010

Get all the info on The CW's latest series Hellcats, which has been described as Glee for cheerleaders. Star and High School Musical alum Ashley Tisdale and other cast members talk about the show, training and work-related injuries.
EdGross - 9/8/2010

Hollywood 411 hangs with the cast of the FX drama Sons of Anarchy! Stars Ron Perlman, Katey Sagal, Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff talk about why the show about biker outlaws has struck a chord with such a diverse audience.
EdGross - 9/7/2010

Kung fu queen Michelle Yeoh and director John Woo promote their new film, 'Reign of Assassins'.
EdGross - 9/7/2010

Maggie Q, Lyndsy Fonesca and executive producer Craig Silverstein participated in the Comic-Con panel devoted to Nikita.
EdGross - 9/7/2010

The fan-made music videos for Nikita are already starting, this particular one being put together to Miley's Cyrus' "Can't Be Tamed."
EdGross - 9/7/2010

Cast members from Nikita discuss the show and their characters on it.
EdGross - 9/7/2010

Back in July while in California attending Comic-Con to promote Nikita, Maggie Q swung by Lopez Tonight to be interviewed and discuss the show.
EdGross - 9/7/2010 is reporting that actor Liam Neeson has been cast in Peter Berg's Battleship, the big screen version of the classic game.
EdGross - 9/7/2010

Showtime's Dexter may be the ultimate anti-hero to the show's millions of viewers, but concerned parents don't share that view where Dexter action figures are concerned.
EdGross - 9/7/2010