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We're still a few months away from Dexter's season six premiere, so the time seems appropriate to take a look back at the show's motion comic spin-off, Dexter: Early Cuts. This installment looks at the six-part web series "Dark Echo."
EdGross - 6/27/2011

USA Today is reporting that TellTale Games' recent delay of the Jurassic Park downloadable game was actually to prepare for the game to be issued for PS3 and Xbox.
EdGross - 4/29/2011

Disney has finally released a new trailer for Cars 2, and it is actually the first full-length theatrical trailer we’ve had! Check it out after the jump...
Josh Wilding - 3/7/2011

Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar have released a brand new TV spot for Cars 2, the sequel to the 2006 animation film, Cars...
Josh Wilding - 2/21/2011

Godzilla God Of Monsters!!!

IDW is bringing us Godzilla, and boy is he pissed!
DCF - 1/30/2011

The thriller The Roommate reaches theatres on February 4th, and we've got the trailer for the film as well as a gallery devoted to the lovely ladies that star in it.
EdGross - 1/29/2011

Kristen Stewart, world known for her role as Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga, is reportedly being pursued to portray the title role in Snow White and the Huntsman, a new version of the classic fairy tale -- which, headline notwithstanding, has nothing to do with vampires.
EdGross - 1/27/2011

Hit the jump to catch my minor spoiler filled thoughts on this winters big action movie The Mechanic, starring Jason Statham and Ben Foster.
Johnathan Smith - 1/26/2011

Get to know Liam McIntyre, the relatively unknown Australian actor who will be reprising the role of Spartacus in the Starz hit series.
SelinaKyle - 1/26/2011

EW has provided a complete guide to the various pilots that are in the works at the different networks, and by scanning the list it becomes obvious that there are some extremely intriguing concepts in development.
EdGross - 1/26/2011

Simon West tells us what went in to hiring Ben Foster and re-writes on the film The Mechanic
Hawksblueyes - 1/26/2011

Vin Diesel talks about Fast Five, his relationship with "The Rock" and why he doesn't like giving interviews while he's working.
Hawksblueyes - 1/26/2011

Take a look at the first poster for Duncan Jones' SOURCE CODE.
Hawksblueyes - 1/26/2011

William Shatner returns with his distinctive celebrity interviewing style in his talk show “Shatner's Raw Nerve,” premiering Monday, January 31 with back-to-back episodes at 10 &10:30PM ET on BIO Channel. Carol Burnett and Marilu Henner will be the first two guests respectively.
EdGross - 1/26/2011

MTV caught up with actress Twilight Saga actress Elizabeth Reaser, who discusses Kristen Stewart's transformation into a vampire as Bella in the second part of Breaking Dawn.
EdGross - 1/26/2011

ABC, following the pick-up of a pilot called Pan Am that takes place in the 1960s, has, according to Deadline, also gone for a pilot called Poe, a crime procedural featuring Edgar Allan Poe!
EdGross - 1/25/2011

Actor Jason Ritter takes viewers behind the scenes on the set of The Event, the NBC series which will be returning to the network on February 28th.
EdGross - 1/25/2011

This Thursday Fox's Bones wraps up the Gravedigger storyline, but introduces an arc in which one of Booth's fellow agents (played by Arnold Vosloo from The Mummy) has become a twisted sniper. Take a first look following the jump.
EdGross - 1/25/2011

Nominations for the 83rd Academy Awards were announced today (Tuesday, January 25) by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Tom Sherak and 2009 Oscar® winner Mo'Nique.
EdGross - 1/25/2011

Unfortunately "V" in its second season has not lit the ratings world on fire, and there's a real question of whether or not the show will return for a third season. If it is canceled, fans want to know whether there will be some sort of conclusion or if things will end on a cliffhanger.
EdGross - 1/25/2011