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We're still a few months away from Dexter's season six premiere, so the time seems appropriate to take a look back at the show's motion comic spin-off, Dexter: Early Cuts. This installment looks at the six-part web series "Dark Echo."
EdGross - 6/27/2011

USA Today is reporting that TellTale Games' recent delay of the Jurassic Park downloadable game was actually to prepare for the game to be issued for PS3 and Xbox.
EdGross - 4/29/2011

Disney has finally released a new trailer for Cars 2, and it is actually the first full-length theatrical trailer we’ve had! Check it out after the jump...
Josh Wilding - 3/7/2011

Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar have released a brand new TV spot for Cars 2, the sequel to the 2006 animation film, Cars...
Josh Wilding - 2/21/2011

Godzilla God Of Monsters!!!

IDW is bringing us Godzilla, and boy is he pissed!
DCF - 1/30/2011

The thriller The Roommate reaches theatres on February 4th, and we've got the trailer for the film as well as a gallery devoted to the lovely ladies that star in it.
EdGross - 1/29/2011

Appearing at this year's edition of the Sundance Film Festival, director Kevin Smith was expected to auction the distribution rights to his $4 million horror thriller Red State. In usual Smith style, he had something else in mind.
EdGross - 1/24/2011

Syfy gave the order for a third season of episodes of Warehouse 13 back in October. At this point, the writing staff are crafting scripts and preparations being made. Now there's word on the start of production.
EdGross - 1/23/2011

Here's a high quality version of the trailer for new martial arts movie Bruce Lee My Brother.
DCF - 1/22/2011

Here are some new images from Catherine Hardwicke's adaptation of the classic Little Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale.
SelinaKyle - 1/22/2011

Hollywood 411 works the red carpet at the season premiere party for Big Love. Stars Bill Paxton, Chloe Sevigny, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jeanne Tripplehorn talk about the series final season. What can fans expect? Find out details here.
EdGross - 1/22/2011

On a recent episode of Late Night with David Letterman, Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco discussed the leg injury she received while horseback riding, which derailed some of her appearances on the CBS sitcom.
EdGross - 1/22/2011

Godzilla has a director.
DCF - 1/22/2011

Stephen Rebello's 1998 book Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho is being adapted to the big screen, and Anthony Hopkins is being noegotiated with to portray the master of suspense, the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock.
EdGross - 1/21/2011

Over his long and amazing career, Steven Spielberg has been involved in many genres, but he may be getting involved in some new territory: a musical, in the form of a potential NBC series.
EdGross - 1/21/2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides reaches theatres on May 20, and Disney has released a behind the scenes featurette on the film.
EdGross - 1/21/2011

Abduction is a thriller that focuses on a youth (Taylor Lautner) who discovers the parents who raised him aren't his real folks, a revelation that triggers events and leaves him running for his life.
EdGross - 1/21/2011

In this exclusive interview, actor Aidan Turner reflects on the evolution of his vampire character, Mitchell, on the BBC series Being Human, the third season of which premieres this Sunday night.
EdGross - 1/21/2011

Wes Craven has returned with a brand new and maybe last installment in his Scream Franchise.
SelinaKyle - 1/20/2011

Check out two new images that put the focus on Harry and Hermione in the highly anticipated last installment of the record breaking Warner Brothers franchise...
Josh Wilding - 1/20/2011