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We employ some awesome people from around the globe that not only like comics, movies, and animation but they rite reel good to! Get to know them from their biographies below. If you want to contact any of them to say "Hi", you can use our email form located HERE! Be sure and tell them what a great job they're doing!

Think you've got what it takes to be a CBM Editor? If you're interested in contributing to the site, we're always looking for dedicated volunteers who are passionate for pop-culture. To find out what it takes to work at EarthsMightiest.com, CLICK HERE. No special training or background is required. All we ask is that you keep up to date on genre entertainment, and be able to write, chew gum, and use a spellchecker at the same time. If you meet those minimum requirements, you may find yourself working here. (WARNING: New Henchmen must NEVER look directly at the Overlord. Eye contact with our glorious leader is strictly prohibited. In the unlikely event you are directly addressed by the Master, direct your gaze downward and reply "Yes my Lord" to any and all verbal communication. Violators will be severely punished with long awkward silences, immediately followed by intense verbal mockery and finger pointing.)

Without further adieu, may I introduce...

The Staff

Some of the CBM Editorial Crew at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con
(From Left to Right: Brent Sprecher, Cathie Horlick, James Littler, Jim Littler)

Jim Littler - The Overlord & Co-Founder

Our fearless leader is the product of an unholy union between closely related West Virginia hillbillies. Jim enjoys comics, movies, all forms of animation, and co-founded a network of pop-culture websites devoted to those categories. Jim worked as a writer and e-mail marketer for AOL, AnotherUniverse.com, Fandom.com and UGO. In 2003, Jim and business partner Nate created their flagship fansite EarthsMightiest.com, and began building the Earth's Mightiest Fansite Network--highly trafficked pop-culture fansites entertaining around 4 million visitors a month. Earlier, in the year of our Lord 1994, Jim was somehow able to convince a female to mate with him, and surprisingly, the coupling produced a non-deformed man-child. They currently live in a dark cave somewhere in the mountains of Utah--only venturing into the light for Coca Cola.

Nate Best - Master of the Web & Co-Founder

Nate fixes all the stuff that the non-techies constantly break. It seems that every time Jim messes with some bit of code, Nate will need to go in and figure out what the hell went wrong. Apart from being a whiz-bang web developer and programmer, he's a talented graphic artist and also does his share of content creation--particularly when it's about the latest video games. (See HolyFragger.com) Moreso than many techies, Nate is a passionate fan of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Comics. He also enjoys logging off his computer from time to time in order to practice a lost art form called "drawering"--an ancient technique using something called a "pencil" to make lines appear on a square sheet of flattened tree bark.

Cathie Horlick - Editor (a.k.a. Henchman #37)

Cathie is completely devoted to movies, comic books and toys. Favorite movie = DARKMAN. Favorite Super Hero = Booster Gold. There are currently 60+ long boxes of comics in her closet. She writes about her hobbies at shempcat.geckobrothers.com, shares movie reviews at PopCultureChaos.com and previously wrote about video games for G4 on the show CHEAT! Cathie resides in Los Angeles, CA and can usually be found in a movie theatre or comic book shop.

P. Ryan Anthony - Editor (a.k.a. Henchman #12)

P. Ryan Anthony (Senior Editor, Earth’s Mightiest) joined EarthsMightiest.com in mid ‘07 while directing his second Shakespeare adaptation, MACBETH: LIFE ON THE HEATH, and writing the children’s show, THE ADVENTURES OF ROSE RED & SNOW WHITE. His articles have been translated into languages he can't speak, which is bizarre. An award-winning actor and founder of Celtic Dog Productions, he’s currently scripting the fairy tale, KYM-REE & THE KING OF SKIES, and will reprise his ’05 stage role as Dracula for award-winning animator Zachary Brewster-Geisz’s DRACULA OF BURGER TOWNE in ’08. This devoted Superman fan lives in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Brent Sprecher - Editor (a.k.a. Henchman #42)

Brent Sprecher grew up in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, but soon realized that the frigid life was not for him. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, he quickly made his way to San Diego, where he basks in the sunshine and rarely takes off his flip-flops. Brent has great love and respect for the comic book medium and began his career pencilling educational comics for Tome Press, published by Caliber Comics. He got sidetracked by the video game industry for a couple years, and then, as he says, “Life got in the way,” and his comic book dreams faded away. Now, Brent’s back, providing pin-ups and covers for Bluewater Comics and writing comic reviews, topical news articles about comics and comic-related movies and conducting interviews with industry professionals. Brent is also working on his own creator-owned comic projects and has written several unproduced screenplays, which he feels his imagination has made “impossibly expensive” to make. When not reading or writing about comics, Brent and his wife, Erica, like to travel; Brazil is their favorite destination.

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