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mjjones33 - 11/23/2018

Avoid Alfie Ant when writing children's books.
Emogene Diehl - 9/25/2018

workgloves - 8/29/2018

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Daisy22 - 3/27/2017

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Cheap Custom Essay Writing - 11/3/2016

jane caror - 8/24/2016

The MCU is a fantastic and undeniable rip-roaring success of a cinematic shared universe, but is it starting to overreach?
Joshua Jennings - 1/28/2015

Doctor Who is a longstanding and by and large beloved show about a time travelling alien and his companions in a blue police box, but has it lost its way?
Joshua Jennings - 1/28/2015

A look into the now tried-and-true formula that launched the most successful movie franchise in history.
ProfessorM33 - 9/26/2014

A religious movement afoot to take the world for God by force. The Muslims are doing and now Some Christians want to do it. We are on the brink of history repeating itself.
HarryBax - 1/16/2014

kelly19 - 1/16/2014

It may be filling movie theatres around the world and causing audience to erupt in fits of applause and laughter, but many of us are left asking one question: Did "HULK SMASH" our dreams?
RyanTM - 5/19/2012

America has gone way too politically correct given the ridiculous amount of controversy that is brewing over an exchange within The Avengers regarding Loki's killing spree and the fact that he is regarded. Some have actually found this offensive. Really?
EdGross - 5/17/2012

Can 52 #1's, costume, continuity and numbering changes really be "change" in the comic industry?
sheltonreb - 9/2/2011

After twelve evolving episodes season one of Transitions wraps.
makethetransition - 8/20/2011

News of Marvel's new bi-racial Ultimate Spider-Man hit mainstream news last week, and the response has been...disheartening.
Kerry Higgins - 8/19/2011

The music business is clearly broken, but can it be fixed? More importantly, SHOULD it be fixed?
Kerry Higgins - 3/5/2011

Some songs fitting those who are star crossed lovers
InstigatorGIRL - 8/11/2010

Here's a list of 25 movies that, in my opinion, are among some of the most underrated films and people need to give them a chance!
ecksmanfan - 7/6/2010

Absolutely not! BUT, if they are going to be made anyway then how about these?
DCF - 6/12/2010