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My opinion on the Ultimate X-men. This is my first review...ever. So, let me know what I can improve on after reading, thanks.
So, I'm an avid library goer, I spend two maybe three days a week there checking out trade paper backs. Sometimes thirty at a time, and after years and years of avoiding it, I've finally checked out some Ultimate reads. Something I swore I would never do. I had read almost everything else in the library and needed something to read for the evening. So, I got the first 8 trade paperbacks of Ultimate X-men. To my surprise I found it to be a rather pleasant read.

Now, don't get me wrong. I will never convert to saying I'm Ultimate "fan." But, I don't understand why these books are so strongly hated by the community. It seems to me that all they really did was take a "good concept" and update it to modern times and tribulations. Hell, a lot of seemed more realistic than the original. I'm an extreme X fan and always will be there is nothing better than X-men in my opinion. I read anything and everything related to the X-men that I can find and I gotta say these are up to par with some of my favorite stories. The writing is intelligent. The art, on most, is phenomenal. The character dialogue and interaction is so dead on perfect that I felt I really knew these characters. The origins of "Beast" was beyond awesome, and how they portrayed the Magnus family blew my mind. There's parts I didn't like as well...Forge should never be a bad guy, same goes for Rogue, and Nightcrawler, and even though, I know they switched sides later. That will never sit right with me. All in all. I find it to be a very well written story, and even though I am not too far into the series. I am dying to see where it goes. The fact that Wolverine literally tried to kill Cyclops, was awesome. The fact that Jean was with Wolverine first. Wolverine working for Magneto, Beast and Storm, these are completely new and totally awesome ideas. I'm sure I've missed some stuff. But, that's all I really wanted to say.
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