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Really just getting into the swing of things. Saying high. Ya know.

Hmmm...Well, I plan on discussing quite a few things. So you might just wanna read it.
Ok. First for anyone that doesn't know me from CBM. My name is Josh. Most call me Jos due to my screen name. Either way, doesn't matter.

Second. I'm an avid lover of comic books. Notably anything X related(X-Men. X-Force. X cetera.) Ha ha. Get it. X cetera? crap. Anyways, I'm also an avid lover of movies, namely cbm's, westerns, most Sci-fi, Horror, and almost anything Tim Burton has ever done. I also like most Cult hits i.e. the breakfast club, boondock saints, sixteen candles. Ok? I also love music, It's been a life long passion of mine. I love all sorts. A lot of which some of you will have heard of, and some of you will not.

Third. What I plan to do with my site.

I am a firm believer that in order to make the perfect CBM, everything has to be perfect. From the choreography and dialogue all the way down to the type of font used for the end credits, and everything between. My intentions on this site are to...1. Review some of my favorite movies in many of these ways. Which will hopefully, open eyes to new talents of every variation for some, and possibly start some really good conversations with others, or both. Now, over on CBM we've all seen Fan Fic and Fan Casts. But I've never seen a Fan Score. I plan on trying this out. It will take some time, for obvious reasons. But, I feel meshing all of my favorite things into one, and than sharing it with the world; is totally worth the consumption. This is my first post, and I really haven't done anything but explain myself. So I reckon I should.

Let's see...

Oh yes, My current favorite comic is the new X-Force. So, I figure I will lay it out right here. Not everything, but a few scenes and some preferred music, and who I feel are the perfect actors, and actresses for the roles. Let's see how it goes.


So as in any movie. The first few scenes, should start with the introduction of the main characters.

I do believe the first scene should open with a man in blue jeans and a tight black t-shirt riding a motorcycle through the desert. Come in from the air, and come behind him, and than jump to a camera angle coming up from the road as the hog drives by, blowing the sound of the engine through the speakers, followed instantly by Johnny Cash's Rock Island Line. Zoom in on the rider revealing that it is none other than Warpath.

Michael Copon as Warpath, he has the necessary build, and is 27 years old. Which imo, puts him at the peak of physical performance. He did in amazing job
in the second Scorpion King, movie sucked, but not because of him.

Skip to the next scene, Logan(Wolverine is standing on the deck of Warrens home(just like in the comic) Cyclops comes to talk to him, yada, yada, ya know how it goes. In steps Rhane Sinclair, the argument. He finds out who all is involved.

I'm choosing Carmine Giavinazzo as Wolverine, I've always liked him for the part. If you've ever seen CSI: NY, you'll know why. If not, he's a smart mouth, short tempered, short guy,he does it well, and has a good build for the part. Also, I hate Hugh Jackmans pg-13 version.


I'm choosing Keira Knightley for the role of Rhaine Sinclaire. First off, she's a great actress and she really quite looks like her. Second, Rhaine is a very emotional and trouble girl, I know Keira could nail this role to the wall.


I'm sticking with James Marsden as Cyclops, I hate him for the role. But, he's already been doing it for quite some time, so for continuities sake. I'm keeping him.

Now to pick up where I left off, it would be where X-23 is inside of S.H.I.E.L.D. investigating the dead agents. Nothing too exciting happens here. So I'm just going to breeze past it.

But, I'm choosing Summer Glau for X-23. I've loved her for the role since the first time I saw her, and will never change my mind.

If I recall the next scene is Logan meeting up with X and Warpath. I do believe it should stay very dark for the whole outside scene, and we should only be able to see shadows and hear bones cracking up until the moment they bust in and start shredding the shit out of everyone. Now this scene, since it is the first hardcore brutal kill scene of the movie. Needs to be done perfectly to a T. Now, I believe from the moment they bust in. It should be very slow motion, so that the watcher can get a feel for every drop of blood and every claw or knife stuck. As soon as they kick in the front door My Chemical Romance's The End should start playing. I do believe it would be a beautifully orchestrated scene. Much like the Hallelujah scene from Watchmen, but without the arousal. Unless your into that sort of thing. Well I do believe I'll continue with more. But this is it for now. Hope you enjoyed.
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