4 creative slogans and their story

4 creative slogans and their story
Many of these slogans are pre-era social networks, and it is doubtful that today the repercussion of a slogan is much greater thanks to the viral effect of them, therefore also their merit for having managed to keep in memory Of the public in a traditional way with offline media.

Just do it:

No need to say what brand is behind, and the Wieden + Kennedy agency in 1988 created a campaign for Nike in which Walt Stack, a swimmer, runner and cyclist of 80 years, came out, but let's go back to the origin of the slogan, and it is That Nike was in full battle with the emerging Reebok and needed a campaign to capture new customers and win the lost ground, focused on demonstrating the spirit of self-improvement and sacrifice. For this, the creative Dan Wieden recalled the phrase that famous Gary Gilmore snapped before being executed to the electric chair in the USA, with his already memorable, Let's do it , gave a few laps, and as Dali said, the great Geniuses copy,

Think Different:

Today we know Apple as the mega corporation known around the world, with legions of fans and prescribers, and an exponential company value, but it was not always so. The 1997 campaign by the Los Angeles office of the advertising agency TBWA \ Chiat \ Day was created in two parts, one consisting of two versions of television commercials, and another one a print campaign.

The campaign does not happen casually, since it was in 1996 when Apple rescued Steve Jobs whom he had dismissed years before, as a last chance for his survival, he was losing the battle and the company was on the verge of the abyss, one of Its competitors, IBM, used the slogan Think, and also Think Big , and that is why Steve Jobs himself wanted to give that nod to the campaign in return for the option to choose IBM. It was Jobs himself who insisted and mentored the campaign personally seeking the goal of refocusing lost customers over the years without him the company.

Impossible Is Nothing:

A little like what happened to Nike, is the example of Adidas, the brand of the three bands created by Adi Dassler saw the whole empire falter, and its situation was already worrying, precisely the Just Do It campaign had given a clear advantage In the sportswear market to Nike, 2004, at which time the Dutch agency 180 , creative owner of Adidas, is commissioned to give life to a campaign worldwide with a cost of approximately 50 million dollars , Which sought to identify the brand with the spirit of improvement of the sport, aimed at a public between 12 and 34 years of sport lover, his philosophical concept pierced what was expected of him, and encompassing a wider audience that mimicked it Way of life, a success without a doubt, that made to resurrect which bird Fenix to Adidas like standard of the sport world.

Because I am worth it:

In 1972, L'Oreal, launched a campaign that reaches today as if it had not less than 40 years, the author of the phrase, I lon Specht, was 23 years old and had just been part of the agency McCann Erickson as a copy when it comes to invent a motto to encourage women of the time to pay the 10 cents that was worth more the dye L'Oreal over its competitor Clairol, unlike most brands of the A time that centered its slogan to mark a weakness of the woman, the transgender slogan of L'Oreal, surely thanks to that it was a creative and not a creative, it claimed the woman by itself , and was precursory of a movement in favour of The woman, who adopted this famous slogan.


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