A strange and bewildering family, the Borgias. Eleven cardinals of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Three popes. A queen of England. A saint. A family with long tentacles, beginning in the Fourteenth Century in Spain, and reaching through the history of Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Italy, Spain, and France. Greed, murder, incest. And --- strangely --- piety.

The Borgias is a intriguing tale set during the Renaissance-era. Rodrigo Borgia played by Oscar wing actor Jeremy Irons who was elected Pope in 1492, taking the name Alexander VI. With his two sons Cesare and Juan and daughter Lucrezia become the most powerful family in all of Italy. In this complex drama The Borgias Will show a portrait of the many crimes the family have been accused of. Generally on considerable evidence, including adultery, simony, theft, rape, bribery, incest, and murder.

Academy award winning director Neil Jordan (The crying Game) will act as executive producer to the Showtime original.

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Very cool find @TABOO!! this sounds kinda like the Tudors...I'm looking forward to seeing it. Thanks for the info!! Nice job!
BigBoy28 - 1/19/2011, 4:28 AM
this cud b a brilliant show assassins creed brotherhood used the Borgia as villains in the game touching in2 the twisted family, will b interesting 2 c this portrayal of them good find tabs
lokisilvertongue - 1/19/2011, 6:11 AM
This looks really good I will definitely check it out! Especially sense the bad guy from Die Hard with a Vengeance is in it :P

Nice find Tab SOAL!
WaylonJones - 1/19/2011, 6:13 AM
Thanks Mr Bigs, loki and Wayway.. Yah it does have a tudors feel to it.. hope you guys come by and check out more artical I post..
TABOO13 - 1/19/2011, 6:30 AM
Great stuf TAB's. I love anything dealing with this period in history and I was unaware of this show. I'll check it out for sure.
Hawksblueyes - 1/19/2011, 6:42 AM
Thanks blue. the Renaissance did seem like an interesting time.. I think Jeremy Iorns is going to be great..
TABOO13 - 1/19/2011, 6:48 AM
Thanks blue. the Renaissance did seem like an interesting time.. I think Jeremy Iorns is going to be great..
TABOO13 - 1/19/2011, 7:20 AM
This looks really cool.. thanks for the heads up Taboo. ;)
Integrity - 1/19/2011, 7:35 AM
Nice find, Tab! I'm not all about the time period, but I don't have Showtime either, so my opinion is invalid. In any event, SOAL!!!!!
Relentless - 1/19/2011, 9:34 AM
Fabulous Taboo this looks great thank you:)
jonbat2 - 1/19/2011, 10:02 AM
cptamericanotsomuch - 1/19/2011, 10:06 AM
Thanks guys.. so happy you all came over to check this out.. Thank you so much for you support.. Smiles..
TABOO13 - 1/19/2011, 10:12 AM
Looks pretty killer. It'd be a sweet ass movie as well.

Good job Tab!

TheNotoriousTIT - 1/19/2011, 11:05 AM
Awesome TABS!

I'm all about a good period piece, and this one got by me. Thanks for the heads up ;)

Hahah and I love the whole 1st crime family angle. Nobody does it better than us.

BillyBlack - 1/19/2011, 12:54 PM
Looks cool, I'll have to check it out
THESWOF - 1/19/2011, 12:59 PM
Thanks TIT and welcome to EM..

Billy@ I love the Renaissance-era as well. Cant wait for the show.. and thanks for your support..

Swof@ thanks for showing up.. I think it will be a good show.

Everyone dont forget to take a look around there is a bunch of cool features and other awsome articles aswell.
TABOO13 - 1/19/2011, 1:02 PM
Looks pretty cool, kinda like Tudors meets Godfather. Can;t wait!

Good find Tabs!
THEHAWK - 1/19/2011, 4:12 PM
yay tab!!! you made an articel and its good : )
nuck82 - 1/19/2011, 4:35 PM
Nice! I actually sawthis advertised the other day and it looked awesome. I have a massive man-crush on Jeremy I'll be watching this one! Nice write up!
ecksmanfan - 1/19/2011, 5:49 PM
well done tabs looks cool and that coming from
me is something lol :)
laura - 1/19/2011, 6:20 PM
Sweet review tabs...I'm actually interested in popedom Really great job though ;)
Grimm - 1/19/2011, 6:43 PM
Nice article TAB. Haven't heard of this until today, will look it up.
Destroyer14 - 1/19/2011, 7:21 PM
Very nice Tabs. I love this period, so romantic
THEPHOENIX - 1/19/2011, 7:25 PM
nice tabs. what phoenix said.
SelinaKyle - 1/19/2011, 9:45 PM

Jeremy Irons looks so fkn Renaissance Gansta!
BillyBlack - 1/20/2011, 9:59 AM
Billy thats one bad ass Avatar.. Now I'm going to burn in hell...HA!!!!!!!

TABOO13 - 1/20/2011, 10:56 AM

I've never seen this site this busy in its life lol???

Cool find @ TABS, looks entertaining and pretty interesting!

Big thumbs!
777LEEE - 1/20/2011, 3:11 PM
It just needed a female's touch Leee.. HA!!! Thanks for stopping by..
TABOO13 - 1/20/2011, 3:13 PM
At least you'll have company TABS...

This guy will definitely be there.

BillyBlack - 1/20/2011, 3:40 PM
We'll burn together.. burn baby burn!!!!! Tehehehehe

TABOO13 - 1/20/2011, 3:47 PM
Great work TABOO! I've only ever heard of these guys in the recent Assassins Creed games (set during this period) but this show makes me think it's worth checking out to learn more about them! Looks like a quality show too. Thanks for the heads up! :)
JoshW - 1/20/2011, 5:38 PM
hey selena...nice...muppet? haha no seriously I cant make out what your avatar is..a stuffed parakeet maybe? or a marmot? & hey Billy glad to know there will be a smiling face waiting in the end..hahaha...oh and again well done Tabs! haha
BigBoy28 - 1/20/2011, 6:05 PM
HAhaHah I'll be there BigBoy

Just like the Monty boys said...

"Always look on the bright side" ;)

*whistle solo
BillyBlack - 1/20/2011, 7:37 PM
Is that a quote from the bible billy? HA!!!!!!
TABOO13 - 1/20/2011, 8:07 PM
hahaha Billy... All together now!!

BigBoy28 - 1/20/2011, 8:09 PM
Hey thats a catchy tune..
TABOO13 - 1/20/2011, 8:11 PM
all this party is missing is boobs...renaissance boobs that is!!

BigBoy28 - 1/20/2011, 8:25 PM
Renaissance-era boobs.. hahahahahaha.. I was wondering when they would make there appearance!
TABOO13 - 1/20/2011, 8:35 PM
this article is out of control. Bigboy its just a snazzily dressed stuffed animal. lol
SelinaKyle - 1/21/2011, 6:24 AM
Hahah good call BigBoy.

Hey it's Friday, MsK!

And boobs of any era are welcome :)


a nice booty shot doesn't hurt either.

BillyBlack - 1/21/2011, 11:22 AM
Boobs and Booty Billy and I'm there!!!!!! Tehehehehe
TABOO13 - 1/21/2011, 11:41 AM
Sounds cool Tabs...
Nice find pal...
Xandera - 1/21/2011, 11:51 AM
Since this is my artical am I allowed to post this picture of Jessica alba?

TABOO13 - 1/21/2011, 1:01 PM

I'll join you

BillyBlack - 1/21/2011, 2:16 PM

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