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Robert Zemeckis on why there are NO Superhero Movies on his resume'?

Zemeckis is a director who has done a lot of fantasy movies. Why is there no movie about men in superhero tights?
Here's what Zemeckis has to say:

"I'm a superhero fan, although I actually have never been offered one," Zemeckis told MTV News. "I've never really brought one to someone and said I really want to do this superhero [movie]. Obviously, I love the form, as movies really are the extension of comic books."

here's a video of the interview:

The director also mentioned his love for the George Reeves 'Superman' which he watched all the time when he has young.

Zemeckis is well known for his works on "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" and "Back to the Future". His current film is 'A Christmas Carol' with Jim Carrey, he said that that film beats Batman because A Christmas Carol has more film adaptations that the Dark Knight.


I would like to see a Robert Zemeckis Superhero film. He definitely has the technical know hows, and his movies are really entertaining, those two things are pluses for a Superhero movie.
-access out, God speed

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