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My take on an X-force movie
Man it has been forever since I posted anything here. And a lot has changed. Anyways, with the rumor of an X-force movie out there it got me thinking on how I would put the team together and who would be a good intro villain for them?


Cable: Cable was born with telepathic and telekinetic abilities which both were limited by his need to restrain his techno-organic infection. His techno-organic body parts possess enhanced strength and durability, and his techno-organic left eye gives him enhanced eyesight, allowing him to see farther than a normal human and in the infrared spectrum. He is also able to interface his techno-organic body parts with machinery, using them to hack into computers, open electronic locks, and travel through time.

Viggo Mortensen: Why? I wanted to be unique in my casting of Cable. The reasons why I chose him are because he is a good actor, can play the leader type, and his heighth would allow him to build up a good amount of muscle mass to pull off Cable. All you would need is to color his hair gray.

Notable Works: Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Domino: Domino is a mutant with the ability to subliminally and psionically initiate random telekinetic acts that affect probability in her favor by making improbable (but not impossible) things to occur within her line of sight, thus causing her to have "good luck" and her opponents to have "bad luck." This phenomenon can be anything from an enemy's equipment failure to hitting just the right switch with a stray shot to shut down an overloading nuclear reactor. The full extent of her powers is still unknown. As a byproduct of her probability abilities, Domino's cerebral cortex emits a current of bio-electric pulses down her spine to instinctively guide her movements during such situations, which has the added effect of augmenting her natural reflexes and agility to near-superhuman levels.

Rosario Dawson: Why? Always been a pick of mine way back in my X-men casting. She's beautiful and can play deadly. She is a very diverse actress who could make Domino come to life.

Notable Works: The Rundown, Sin City, Clerks 2

Warpath: Currently Warpath possesses some degree of superhuman strength, though the exact amount of weight he can lift isn't known. Warpath was strong enough to lift about 75 tons and had the potential of someday lifting over 90 tons. Warpath's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.

Jason Momoa: Why? Although I would like to cast what most of you would say an "authentic" Indian actor, he does have some lineage. Look it up. Plus I think he looks more savage looking then the Warpath they have in X-Men DOFP. He's got the size and acting ability to bring an interesting Warpath to the screen. And that is what I would envision of Warpath in this movie. Big, strong, and brutal with his vibranium knives.

Notable Works: Conan the Barbarian, Game of Thrones

Shatterstar: Shatterstar possesses superhuman senses, reflexes, agility, and balance beyond the natural limits of the finest human specimen. Shatterstar possesses the mutant ability to channel and generate powerful vibratory shock waves (and perhaps bio-electricity) charges through his swords. However, Shatterstar rarely uses this ability as it tends to exhaust him, thus he prefers to depend instead on his martial prowess.

Ryan Gosling: Why? Another unique pick by myself I believe. Ryan is an awesome actor who is about due for an action movie. He's a pretty boy with the physical attributes of what I want for Shatterstar.

Notable Works: The Notebook, Drive, Crazy Stupid Love

Psylocke: Psylocke is a mutant, and she is now an Omega Level Mutant, thanks to her vast telepathic powers, on par with Jean Grey and Charles Xavier. She was later stated to be the third most powerful telepath on Earth (without counting Stryfe). Psylocke can manifest a telekinetic katana blade composed of raw psi-energy, which at its lowest intensity, functions to disrupt neural pathways and at its highest level, her katanas can slice an armored opponent and cut through the armor, but leave the attacker physically unharmed. She can also use her swords to shatter telepathic power-inhibitors imposed on others. Psylocke's telekinetic manifestations produce visible radiance in the physical world. Thus, she can use her psychic katana as a makeshift light source in areas of darkness. Her telekinetic katana is strong enough to harm other beings more powerful than herself. As of late, Psylocke has been showing even more versatility when it comes to her psionic constructs. She has been seen creating psi-bows and arrows.

Jaime Chung: Why? She's asian (korean descent) and hot. And she is an excellent action actress. She proved she can fight in hand to hand combat in Dragonball and with all sorts of weapons in Sucker Punch. She's also got the physical attributes that I imagine when I think of bringing Psylocke to the screen. Although Arden Cho from the Teen Wolf TV series came in at a very close 2nd.

Notable Works: Dragonball Evolution, Sucker Punch, Grown Ups

Magik: Magik is a mutant sorceress. Her mutant power is the ability to mentally control "stepping discs", which allowed herself and others to teleport across interstellar distances or through time. The discs are part of a dimension known as Limbo. This dimension is specifically known alternately as "Demonic Limbo", "Limbo-Belasco", or "Otherplace". However, when Illyana mentally calls for a Stepping Disc she must use Limbo as a midway point before she can teleport to an alternate location. It is not known if she was genetically predetermined to travel through Limbo, or if she did so because, having been spirited there as a child, it was the alternate dimension she was instinctively aware of. Magik has succeeded in teleporting herself across continents, from one continent to another, and even interplanetary and intergalactic distances on occasion. Apparently, she can mentally scan Limbo while on Earth in order to locate whoever she wishes to teleport from Limbo down to her, on Earth. She can also summon her soulsword.

Juno Temple: Why? A fairly unknown actress but underrated if you ask me. She has the acting potential to pull off Magik and she is what I'm looking for when I imagine what she would look like brought to life. We just need to give her some russian lessons. Also worth a mention that I was also thinking of Jennette McCurdy for Magik as well.

Notable Works: The Dark Knight Rises, Atonement, The Three Musketeers, and the upcoming Maleficent

And now for the villains.

The Mutant Liberation Front:

Stryfe: Stryfe is "the Omega Level clone" of the mutant Cable. As a result of that clonal relation, he possesses all of Cable's natural mutant abilities, including being an Omega Level Telekinetic. Stryfe also possesses other abilities through genetic manipulation, similar to those that Cable achieved through cybernetic augmentation.

Viggo Mortensen: Why? Same reason as Cable. He's an evil clone.

Dragoness: Dragoness is an evil mutant able to generate and store bio-electricity which can either be released as blasts or used to create pyrotechnic flares. She uses mechanical wings to fly.

Ming Na-Wen: Why? If anybody watches Marvels SHIELD you would know why. She's a well rounded actress who can play the cold, just following orders woman you don't want to mess with.

Notable Works: Marvels SHIELD, Push, SGU Universe

Kamikaze: Kamikaze can fly, and also has enhanced strength, speed, stamina, and sturdiness as a result of his primary mutation which was to be a living bomb by exciting the atomic friction between molecules, allowing him to release explosive charges on physical impact, as well as detonate the airspace directly surrounding his body.

Donnie Yen: Why? He has the acting ability to maintain in a movie and not get overshadowed. He is also a martial artist. I think most of you know of Donnie Yen anyway so you guys know he would do great in a comic book movie.

Notable Works: The Grandmaster, Ip Man, Dragon Tiger Gate, Shanghai Knights, Blade 2

Zaran: Zaran is skilled at a wide number of ancient weapons, including nunchakus, shurikens, maces, bows and arrows, staffs and knives. Zaran is also a highly skilled fighter and has mastered several forms of martial arts. He is also a good friend to Batroc the Leaper. I know he's not originally in the MLF, but when has the movies been exactly like the comics. If I was putting together a mercenary group, I think I would put him in it.

Luke Goss: Why? Honestly I was just thinking of his sword play in Hellboy 2 and thought that he would match up nicely against Shatterstar. I think he's a decent actor. Not great, but he could be good enough for what the role or script would be.

Notable Works: Tekken, Hellboy 2, Blade 2

Post: Tremain was a mutant further altered by his exposure to Cable's techno-organic virus, possibly by the Mandarin, and lastly by Onslaught. Post also has Techno-Organics due to receiving a blood transfusion from the aforementioned Time Traveler Cable. Post was infected and radically altered by the introduction of the Techno-Organic virus streamed into his system, turning Tremain into a mutant cyborg much like his donner. The virus in his body had greatly enhanced much of his mutant physicality to even greater levels than originally perceived to him as well as bestowing upon him entirely new gifts and abilities unique to his being. Not originally in the MLF, but if they were a mercenary cell I would want a hi tech person in it. He's my addition to the MLF.

Eli Roth: He's more of a producer, but I like Eli Roth's sadistic side. I say channel his Inglorious Bastard role and you have Post. He has the acting ability to hold his own in a movie with a lot of characters. Also his 6 foot frame should do good as long as he hits the gym to bulk up a bit.

Notable Works: Inglorious Bastards, Deathproof

Well that's all I got for now. Tell me what you think.
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