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Snow White & The Huntsman To Be The First Film Of A Trilogy

Producer Joe Roth has confirmed that the upcoming Snow White adaptation will indeed be the first film in a trilogy. More details after the jump!

In an exclusive interview with EW, Joe Roth - who will produce Snow White & The Huntsman, which will be out next summer - talks in detail about the film, confirming that it will be the beginning of a trilogy, as well as commenting on the casting of Kristen Stewart in the title role, the attitude of the Huntsman (who will be played by THOR's Chris Hemsworth), the basic storyline, and the Evil Queen (Charlize Theron).

On the film being the first in a trilogy...
It’s meant to be the first in a series of films. This story will end, but there will be questions remaining for these three characters.

On the basic storyline, and the Huntsman's role...
We retain the basic story in the same way we retain the basic story of Alice, a young girl meant to be the queen who is cast out. The Huntsman is a mercenary, in the sense that he’s a guy who is very able in the woods, more able than most anyone. His job is to capture runaway girls, who are all fleeing the kingdom because of the queen. He’s a nondescript bounty hunter, as we first meet him. He’s not a nice guy, but not only that he’s someone who has lost hope and lost faith. He has lost his wife, given up on everything.

On what version of Snow White will be used...
She starts out not a damsel in distress, but innocent, and after 11 years of imprisonment by the Evil Queen, she escapes and learns the ways of a warrior in the woods.

On casting Kristen Stewart in the title role...
Frankly, what we did, we searched high and low for an unknown. Which was my want after Alice. As we went through it, it just became evident to me that Kristen occupies a space in the universe where she’s a terrific actress only known for one part. I hope this is a movie that will appeal to those who find Twilight appealing, but also [Stewart] is someone who has some piss and vinegar in her.

On the Evil Queen...
She’ll be larger than life. Evil without any burden of guilt.

Starring Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron and Ian McShane, Snow White & The Huntsman hits theaters June 1st, 2012!
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Let's just see how the first one goes before they start talking about a trilogy.
Number1Wolverine - 8/3/2011, 1:11 AM

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