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Ripcord, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Duke, And Baroness Now Have Their Own Character Poster

Everything you have heard about how bad this movie is false. Or is it? With all the hogwash coming out about G.I. Joe in the last few weeks I thought our Comic Book Movie Fans would like to see something concrete regarding the new G.I. Joe film.
Come on guys lets face it. G.I. Joe has the potential to blow. That kinda rhymed. With the firing of director Stephen Sommers rumor coming out and being debunked the same day who really knows what's going on with this flick. We all know the movie studio's will say and or do anything to cover there back ends and that's why we don't trust them when they say the movie tested bad and then 5 minutes later they say no it did not.

This movie is like any other in the respect that we will all go see it and form our own opinions. I watched the cartoon when I was a kid but was never a fanatic G.I. Joe (have to know everything about each character) fan. That being said I will be able to go see the movie with a open mind and have no pre determined demands for what the producers need to put in the movie to make it authentic. So here is throwing this one up to chance and hoping for a solid enjoyable movie in August.

Check it out and sound off below.

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