Why research is vital while writing online articles for businesses

While the World Wide Web has proven a boon for all those persons willing to disseminate and absorb information, right from academicians to members of any random SEO company Toronto, it has come with its share of pitfalls, primary among them is not knowing the credibility of a writer, and consequently the credibility of a piece of information being supplied. The problem is not a new one, people have produced incorrect information in the past too, but it becomes more dangerous in contemporary times owing to the sheer amount of data that the internet envelops in its fold and the far and wide reach it has to every nook and corner of the world.
But as the trend goes, a medium where there is a risk of incorrect information being supplied must necessarily come with filters. In the newspaper world this is in the form of editorial desks, editors and other watchdogs in various forms like councils, agencies, etc. Filters on the internet too exist on much the same principle, albeit on a stricter level, with even search engines stepping into the fray to quell incorrect data, which is exactly the reason why thorough research, from reliable sources that can be quoted at a later date, becomes crucial, if not essential, for anyone who wants to post an article online.
Besides the credibility factor, prior research before writing any article for the online medium is also important since failure to do so may involve financial and legal consequences for not only the writer, but also the company he represents. As a result, a writer for an online business should be treated almost as a mascot for the company, and thus be given the responsibility of presenting all the correct facts about the topic at hand. When using any form of media, especially one as widespread as the internet, responsible writing is a must, and writing that fails to live up to set standards is bound to attract harsh consequences sooner or later.
But what is thorough research? Thorough research involves validating every piece of data you state with the help of other articles whose credibility has been pre-ascertained and is beyond doubt. In a more practical sense, it involves being able to give your editor a reliable source for any piece of data from your article that he may enquire about at random. For those of you who have been in the field for a while, this is most likely something that you’ve encountered at least once. In fact, most seasoned writers consider it a good idea to list or sometimes link their sources, though the latter is usually done to incorporate commercial concerns.
To round it off, let’s treat an internet article on the same level as a research paper, which is a fair comparison considering that both are dossiers, containing pieces of information that pre-existed, which point out to certain facts. Besides, once published, both are certified for good and just as a research paper can never be taken back, an article on the internet too is there forever (unless pulled down). With this in mind, you need to state sources in an internet article just as you would at the bottom of a paper.
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