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Teen Wolf Writer/Producer Jeff Davis Discusses the New MTV Series

MTV debuts their take on Teen Wolf this Sunday night, and writer/producer Jeff Davis, who also created CBS' Criminal Minds, sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the show.
In comparing Teen Wolf to Criminal Minds, Davis explains, "Criminal Minds was just another monster story -- only with human monsters. I’m happy to be working on a show like this because I love this genre. The inspiration for doing this was The Lost Boys and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s a departure from the original movie; but I think people will like it. We bring a snarkiness to it and a sense of humor -- but we’re also going to scare people.

"I was very concerned with not pissing off fans of the original, myself being one of them," he says of the 1985 feature comedy starring Michael J. Fox. "I did put in a lot of Easter eggs for fans of the movie throughout the season. There are things people will recognize from the movie. When I first met with MTV I said I wanted to make it like The Lost Boys, which is one of my favorite ’80s movies. That struck a really good balance of gore, romance and comedy and that’s what we’re going for; we used that as a paradigm."

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The Hollywood Reporter

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