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Something Remote: Mantequilla Magica

Just what the hell convinced Mat to put a corn cob in the microwave?
If you recall, when last we left our heroic trio, Mat tried to pop a corn cob in the microwave. Wondering where he got that ridiculous idea? Well, we just so happened to have stumbled across footage of a Spanish Home Shopping Network infomercial for Mantequilla Magica...

Big credit goes to writer Brandon Vogel — our resident lighting techie for the webseries — as Guillermo, Jon Zoll — keep an eye out later into the webseries... — as Toast Guy, Nick Allain as Potato Knife Guy, and Sarah Lofgren as Girl Who Wants You. Also some props to myself and Steve DiTullio in our guest directing/producing gig.

We apologize to anyone who actually speaks Spanish. We are really bad at it.

Come back this Sunday for a look OUTSIDE the apartment in our next episode, Something Busted.

Stay tuned!
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