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Nicholas Vince talks Nightbreed The Cabal Cut and Hellraiser's Chatter - Scarefest 2012

Nicholas Vince talks new Hellraiser origin story and Nightbreed the Cabal Cut!
The Jerk recently got a chance to catch up with Nicholas Vince at Scarefest 2012 The largest horror and paranormal convention. Vince talked a little bit about Nightbreed The Cabal Cut and how the legendary missing VHS was discovered and edited into Clive Barker's original vision.

"Russell Charington whose a friend of Clive Barkers was around at Clive's and they managed to find a VHS of the original cut he gave to the producers, apparently it was just tucked behind some books, in Clive's office. Russell asked to take it away with him and he took that and combined with the released version of it and just sat down with the script, sat down with a really good editor and they cut together the Cabal Cut"

When talking about his time as the Chatterer he mentions writing an origin story with Pyramid Gallery who make the puzzle boxes. When asked about a spinoff of Hellraiser's The Chatterer he said

"It's up to people, we don't own the rights, this is kind of fan fiction if you like, it's just my take how did a 12 year old or someone who looks like a 12 year old boy end up in hell? That's not going to be a nice story in whatever way I do it, it's not going to be good. But I am really enjoying writing it. I am just having fun basically."

Check out the full interview here.

As a bonus check out the Pyramid Gallery, in which we interview Max about some of these amazing puzzle "Music" boxes!

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