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Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance - First Impression

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Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance?

I thought I had seen some turns in my day, I'm not so sure what to think of this film!
First off how can you have a film based around Marvel Knights and it not be rated R?

Well, let me explain how, you know how in Buffy the vampire slayer and Blade the vampires turn to dust? That's pretty much how Ghost Riders chains kill people in this movie.

It's like they tried to do everything they could to keep this a PG-13 movie. But that didn't bother me as much as the effects and the editing. It made me feel like I was watching Highlander The Source.
If you haven't really seen Highlander The Source, you're not missing out on anything. If you haven't seen Spirit of Vengeance? Well you're not missing anything.
At the beginning of the film, Idris Elba is running around shooting these cartoon bullets and at times it feels like they didn't even try to fix the effects.
In this one scene there is this guy who acts like Christian Slater, but looks like that guy from Hellboy 2 or something and he is running around decaying people.

Sometimes he just stops and goes into this black scene, stop motion animation, Zack Snyder, Stuff.
I don't really know what was going on there but I know it made me really angry!
I mean, this is the only movie I have ever seen (other than Dragon Ball Evolution) where they try to overdo under doing something.
Speaking of overdoing it, at times it feel like Nic Cage is doing way to much narration way to much of this film.
the only time it didn't bother me was when it was in the opening credits and were getting to see a cool motion comic.

But then we get these random scenes that just come out of nowhere. At one point they even throw up a picture of Jerry Springer. I'm not kidding! He just shows up in a low fi picture and your suppose to think what he doing here?

I really don't know why they had to add random scenes of Ghost Rider peeing for no reason whatsoever!
It was like when they shot this scene they didn't even want to use the green screens so they just made a black background.

Since it had the Marvel Knights logo I thought were might get a darker Ghost Rider film or maybe a horror story. Come on why couldn't they had make Ghost Rider a little more darker and meaner?
But there seems to be more unfunny and pointless jokes in this movie you would think you're watching Paul Blart Mall Cop!

And where the hell was Vengeance?! Everyone should know that Vengeance is a bad dude! They couldn't have gave us a cameo or something?
Instead we get a blue Ghost Rider? But don't worry about that because you only get a few seconds of it then your left thinking what the hell did I just watch?
I thought the 3d would make it better but after the first 30 minutes of the film I was left wanting to watch the trailers again. the 3d is ok, it's not the best but it's not terrible either.
It's the convoluted plot and what felt like unfinished effects scenes that ruined it for me.
And if you wanted to know the plot, some standard kids the antichrist and ghost rider has to stop him, basically it's like The End of Days but with Nic Cage as Arnold Schwarzenegger's character.

As I was saying before it felt like I was watching Highlander The Source, even Christopher Lambert was in it, for a whole four seconds!
At first I thought Lambert had a tattoo on his lip that said Stink , cause that's what this movie did was stink!
the only people i could recommend this to, is Buffy fans who wanted to know what happen to Rupert Giles at the end of Buffy!
And the reason I say that is that you have either seen this film or you're going to see it no matter what I say.
But I personally can't recommend this film, at all!
There is a few cool scenes, but there ruined by a hectic unfinished feeling editing.
Ghost Rider looks cooler than the first film, but this movie just isn't worth it for me to sit through again.
To put it this way, it's worse than the Green lantern and ties with Punisher War Zone.

I would rather go back and watch Highlander the Source and save myself some cash!
I don't even think Peter Fonda could have saved this movie.
With so much potential, I feel like I have been cheated out of my money!
I went into this movie with no expectations and that's exactly what I got!
Well, I guess if you like awful jokes, puking fire, pointless scenes and wasting money you may like this film.
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