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Liam Neeson Kicks Unknown Ass

Liam Neeson is enjoying his new status in Hollywood as an action hero. Certainly there had been a taste of such a thing in The Phantom Menace and Batman Begins, but the point was really driven home last year by Taken and, now, with Unknown.
“I am driven by script all the time, or drama based on the spoken word,” Neeson says. “[Those have] been my criteria, but I seem to have a new lease on life after Taken. It’s great to be considered an action hero at my age.”

Unknown is based on Out of My Head, the novel written by Didier van Cauwelaert. In the film, Neeson portrays scientist Dr. Martin Harris who, along with his wife Liz (portrayed by January Jones) heads to Berlin for a biotechnology convention. When Martin returns to the airport for his briefcase, he ends up in a car crash and subsequently spends four days in a coma, fighting for his life at a nearby hospital. When he awakens, he can barely remember who he is and has no identification to help his cause. Making matters worse is the fact that those closest to him, including his wife, refuse to acknowledge him, just as another man (Aidan Quinn) assumes his identity. At first, he questions his sanity, but soon realizes there is a lot more at stake.

Enthuses director Jaume Collet-Serra, “Liam has both the physical intensity and the emotional intensity to make everything very compelling. And it was important for this movie.”

For his part, Neeson is just as enthusastic: “You work with a good director and he brings [the best] out of you. It is as simple and as difficult as that.”

As to the action, the actor makes one distinct point: "I don't do my own stunts. I do my own fighting in movies, but I don't regard that as a sunt."

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Looking forward to seeing this. I absolutely loved Taken and I've always loved Liam Neeson as an actor.

C'mon, it's Darkman!!!!!!!! Lol.
Eviltwin - 2/13/2011, 8:03 PM
That sounds like a good concept for a film. Think i'll watch it. He kicked some mayor ass in the A-team as well.
Spilox - 2/13/2011, 10:02 PM
The amazing thing -- and I think Neeson expressed the same thing himself -- is that he never came across as an action star before, but between Taken and Unknown, it looks like a new role he'll be filling.
EdGross - 2/14/2011, 2:26 AM

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