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Bond 23: "Property of a Lady"

Not long ago, the James Bond website Mi6 collected a number of rumors about Bond 23 and offered up a piece with some SPOILERS on what they are saying will be The Property of a Lady, based on a short story by Ian Fleming.
As described by Wikipedia, the short story has James Bond investigating “a Secret Service employee, Maria Freudenstein, who is a double agent about to be paid by her Russian keepers by auctioning a clock crafted by Peter Carl Fabergé at Sotheby's in her name. The Russians have sent the Resident Director of the KGB in London to attend the auction and underbid for the item in order to push the price to the necessary value to pay for her services as a double agent. Bond attends the auction in hopes of spotting this man; after doing so the man is expelled from London as persona non grata. The core of this story - the auctioning of a Fabergé egg at Sotheby's to raise funds - was incorporated into the Octopussy film, with the story's title being uttered in dialogue by Bond. The plot element of a double agent within the Secret Service was later referenced with the character of Miranda Frost in Die Another Day as well as M's traitorous bodyguard, Craig Mitchell, in 2008's Quantum of Solace.”

The film version of Property of a Lady, again based on rumors, will be different, tying itself much more closely to the mythos as established in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

It started with word that Rachel Weisz had been approached to play the villainous in the film. According to a report on Cinema Blend, via Mi6, she would not “take on the traditional Bond girl part, rather the head of the mysterious organization ‘Quantum’ that has been behind the plots in both of Daniel Craig’s two outings as 007 so far. Weisz is actually friends with Daniel Craig in fact they’re working together on the upcoming Dream House) and in the past she had a personal relationship with would-be Bond 23 director Sam Mendes.”
Although this was pretty much dismissed as nothing more than rumors, notes Mi6, “an interesting development took place a couple of days later that added to the intrigue. An established Rachel Weisz blog ran more details behind the rumor, including some basic detail about the film’s plot.

“The blog operated by Josh Mason, a 'long time friend and fan' of Rachel, passed on more details about the story. "The working title is The Property of a Lady. Some elements of the original story are used for the screenplay - among other things the name Maria Freudenstein for the villainous role - and the auction (Fleming wrote the story for Sotherby's magazine The Ivory Hammer). This auction will be seen in the pre-title sequence. It is a clandestine international auction that takes place during a conference in the United Nations headquarters in New York - a sequence similar to the opera scene in Quantum of Solace."

"They turn the usual Bond story upside down. Typically 007 chases a megalomaniac and restrains him from taking over world domination in the end. This time Bond has to learn just in the beginning that Quantum already has world domination. That also defines the title: The property of this lady is the whole world. And of course Quantum does it's best to go to war against Bond and MI6, with disturbing means. "They really shock the audience this time", the source said. This film will be the swan song for Judi Dench's M. One of the screenplay's topics is supposed to be genetic engineering and the swine flu."

Needless to say, this is all rumor at this point.
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they cant kill off m. that would be shocking yes, but judi denchs m is so powerful and she has such gravitas i dont know how you could replace her. not quite sure of the title either, though it might grow on me. i loved casino royale, and found quantum a let down, but entertaining enough to want me to see the continuance of the story arc. so i hope this comes to furition soon.
superdog - 4/19/2010, 7:35 AM
Shocking's good! : P

Great stuff @ ED!!!
777LEEE - 4/19/2010, 8:14 AM
Thanks. I was surprised the information was out there.

Hopefully people from CBM will start commenting here. We'll see.
EdGross - 4/19/2010, 8:15 AM
Well done sir! Grain of salt applys here, but i can see this on film!!!
It would be good if we could get more peeps here!!!
Keep up the good work!!
wolverinept - 4/19/2010, 9:15 AM
Good stuff Ed.

It will be cool to see what Sam Mendes does with this series.
DogsOfWar - 4/19/2010, 10:20 AM
Thanks, guys, I am a MAJOR James Bond fan, so this stuff is fascinating to me. I'm thinking of digging into the archives (meaning a bunch of boxes) and pulling interviews I conducted on GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies. I was also on the set of GoldenEye, which was pretty cool.

And wolvie, I couldn't agree more: getting more peeps here would be great, and it's the biggest challenge this site faces. However, I should say that those links from CBM are bringing people here, but so few of them are actually commenting.
EdGross - 4/19/2010, 10:32 AM
im doing my part ed. in every article i actually post my comment here and tell people to do the same. for example i refuse to discuss ror's lost reviews anywhere but here. i figure if your a true fan you can make the extra click and discuss it on the actual article. still, theres alot more people on here than a few months ago when you started your big push, so kudos for that!!!!

and i love bond too. i think craig is great, and i was as hesitant as you were. truth is, bond is a character that changes with times. you can go back and look at all the movies and see how they reflect society. you couldnt have a connery or moore bond today, people just wouldnt buy it.
superdog - 4/19/2010, 10:44 AM
Superdog, I appreciate you doing that.

And I couldn't agree more about your Bond comments.
EdGross - 4/19/2010, 11:56 AM
@Dog: I think the only Connery Bond film that could work for today's audience is Doctor No. It's by far the most straightforward story and there are no silly gadgets cluttering up the (heightened) reality.

If this is her swan-song, then I think that Judi Dench's three-picture deal is up, and if she wants to move on, that's her prerogative. Her character's tile is M, it doesn't represent a name (I think) and as Q simply stood for quartermaster, any actor, male or female could fill the role of M, as long as they have a sense of gravitas, power and superiority.

I've actually put off seeing Quantum of Solace due the reviews it garnered, and Casino Royale being such a great reinvention of the character/franchise, but I'll have to bite the bullet soon I think.
Growler - 4/19/2010, 12:11 PM
I actually think with a bit faster pacing, From Russia With Love would fit in nicely with the new style of Bonds. It's actually much more of a thriller than most of the other ones of the era.

Ironically, since it was the first one Connery missed out on, On Her Majesty's Secret Service is an extremely strong balance of action and character.
EdGross - 4/19/2010, 1:12 PM
This movie would be a great opportunity to introduce the "Q" character. M-Dame Judi Dench- has been a great and central character but it is time to move to another strong actor(ress) to assume the role. I love the new bond and look forward to the new movie. QoS was not the best JB movie but it was far from the worst. I really appreciate the believable characters and the more human and vunerable bond.
DaveB - 4/19/2010, 2:31 PM
Q would be great to add in as long as it's serious just like the rest. Any corny lines or gadgets is not necessary
superdog - 4/19/2010, 3:15 PM
Growler@ agree completely with dr no. That was the first one and was more like the current bonds. No gadgets, no q, and no cheesyness. Great film
superdog - 4/19/2010, 3:17 PM

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