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The Werewolves of Dark Shadows

Over at, a site that is devoted to the lycanthrops among us, they've done a look at the werewolves of the '60s soap opera Dark Shadows.
"The werewolves in the show look like a mixture of a wolf and a human," notes the site, "just like most werewolves. In their wolf form they are incredibly dangerous, luckily, they are only werewolves for the three nights the full moon is in the sky. The rest of the month they are ordinary humans. As werewolves they do not remember what happens while in their bestial state. They do remember, however, the beginning of their transformation.

"There were a few ways one could be turned in the show; they became a werewolf due to a witch’s curse, they were bitten by a were, or they became a werewolf because it runs in their family. For example, Quentin Collins and all his first-born male descendants of each generation were cursed to become werewolves, while Chris Jennings was bitten by a werewolf."
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