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Hit the jump for some juicy info on Scream 4.
Ozymandias - 4/26/2010

The sequel might not be dead after all! Plus some of the plot details for the sequel!
Ozymandias - 4/26/2010

Cary Elwes will be reprising his role of Dr. Lawrence Gordon in Saw VII, plus the plot synopis!
Ozymandias - 4/25/2010

Here's yet-again, another clip for the 2010 remake with Freddy playing Hide 'n Seek!
Ozymandias - 4/23/2010

Hit the jump to see the fate of the sequel to the 2009 remake.
Ozymandias - 4/23/2010

Ridley Scott reveals some juicy info on the Alien prequel! Hit the jump to find out more!
Ozymandias - 4/22/2010